WIAD 2016 - All the slides

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Ann Arbor, MI, USA

Kaarin Hoff

Information Architecture: Value Proposition of Our Approach
Topic: Information Architecture


Paul Michael King

New Frontiers in IA: Design in the Era of Cognitive Computing
Topic: Cognitive Computing

Annette Bush

The Attraction of Atomic Design
Topic: Atomic Design

Sam Kanta

Taxonomy in the Wild: Text Mining with R
Topic: Taxonomy, Text Mining

Wendy Fox

Rapid Prototyping using Google Drive → Draw.io → Sketch → Invision
Topic: Prototyping Tools

Christopher Hess

Writing the Rules: Substance and Structure for Modular, Reusable Content
Topic: Structured Content

Carl Burnett

Building a World-Model with RDF
Topic: RDF, Ontologies

Maria Essig

Unstructured to Structured Content: A Two-Prong Approach
Topic: Structured Content


Peter Morville   Keynote

The Architecture of Understanding

Kyle Soucy

The Path to Understanding: Making the Complex Simple


Dan Klyn   Keynote

Everything needs to actually be architected.
Topic: Information Architecture Theory

Dan Ramsden

An unexpected trilogy...

Karey Helms

Making the Invisible Physical

Depok, Indonesia

Peter Morville   Keynote

Bhinneka Tunggal Ika

Zainal Hasibuan

Librarianship and Information Architecture: a new way to manage information

Arie Nugraha

Using Open Source Software for Teaching Information Architecture: case study in Library Science University of Indonesia

Harry Budi Santoso

Measuring User Experience: Case Study Student Centered e-Learning Environment

Rahmi Simamora

Search User Interface

Ahmad Maulana Yahya

Mana Monyetnya?: an attempt on creating a more meaningful user experience

Deni Kurniawan

I Find What I Want!

Bayu Bagja Ferdian

How IA Help My Jobs : in digital agency & product development

Eddy Subratha

UI/UX Story case study of SLiMS Application

Des Moines

Laura Christenson

Architecting Personalization


Eric Reiss

What came first? The chicken or the egg? The internet or IA?


Alberta Soranzo   Keynote

The design of things you don't want to think about
Topic: Strategy

Jan Jursa

Jobs-to-be-done as a special form of the ethnographic research
Topic: Framework

Emma Rozada

The perfect storm within the Automotive industry
Topic: jomc 4834 Google Microsoft aom\",n"

Ofer Deshe

Why Difference Matters: Designing for Real People
Topic: Research


Sarah Richards

Pyjama-based Content Design

Paul Rissen   Keynote

Designing Webs: IA as a Creative Practice
Topic: Creativity, Design, Alchemy, The KLF

Gaynor Burns and Vicky Buser

IA and GOV.UK: Making structure that scales

Los Angeles

Chris Chandler

Fearless Futures: Why the IA's Journey Must Be a Hero's Journey

Erik Hanson, Burcu Bakioglu, and Roel Punzalan

ADP Panel:

Nate Bolt   Keynote

From Food Stamps to Facebook: How Design Research Impacts Our World
Topic: Design Research

Hunter Ochs

Audience Modeling


Guillaume Berry

Crumble de l'information
Topic: Food analogy for design practices

Mendoza, Argentina

Germán Dartsch

Game Design y entornos virtuales de apoyo al aprendizaje
Topic: Education, Game design, IA

Marcelo Palma

Diseñando Experiencia de Usuario (UX) para Ciudades Inteligentes (SmartCity)
Topic: Smart cities, Social change, Civic Design

Dámaris Sepúlveda Troncoso

El rol del diseño en las políticas públicas
Topic: Civic Design

Emiliano Cosenza

Las damas, los niños y el contenido primero - El diseño de experiencia de usuario empieza por contar una historia.
Topic: Structured Content, User Experience, Content Strategy


Susan Weinschenk

From Sockhop to Snapchat: Generational Differences
Topic: Cognitive Science

Jessica Duverneay

Architecture & IA: Expanding the Metaphor
Topic: Information Architecture Theory

Valerie Bruce

Content Strategy & IA: Data Soulmates
Topic: Content Strategy

Jackie Burhans

Structure Matters for SEO and UX
Topic: Findability & Structure


Jeff Parks   Keynote

Curating the Curious Mind

New York

Loren Davie

Conversational Architecture

Jared Caponi

The UX Remix of the Guggenheim Museum
Topic: Information Architecture


Betty Chatzisavvidou

Learning to let go- Design in Production
Topic: Agile as a work philosophy in different digital products

Local TV News teaser

Chiara Curti

Il caso Sagrada Familia: la complessitá, la singolaritá e l'originalitá di un’opera.

Girolamo Daniele Bruneo

Dal dato all'informazione, dall'idea al prototipo

Betty Chatzisavvidou

Learning to let go - designing in production

Peppe Sirchia

The City as Interface

Maria Cristina Lavazza

Vedere il mondo, attraversare pericoli. guardare oltre i muri, trovarsi l'uno con l'altro... questo è lo scopo della vita.

Andrea Borruso

Workshop - La "caccia", la pulizia e la ristrutturazione dei dati: alcuni casi tipici.


Luca rosati   Keynote

Dal prodotto all'esperienza. Verso un design sistemico

Andrea Violante

Information Architecture per l'automazione industriale

Yvonne Bindi

Perché l'architettura dell'informazione si occupa delle parole.

Vincenzo di Maria e Claudia Busetto

Progettisti nella terra di mezzo

Hoang Huynh & Valeria Adani

L'architettura informativa nel turismo.

Alessandra Cianchettini

Workshop. Facciamo i seri, giochiamo! Come raccogliere informazioni con la metodologia LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®

Philadelphia PA

Alicia C. Raciti   Keynote

Backstage: How invisible architecture contributes to a Ballerina’s success
Topic: Information Architecture

Clare Cotugno and Rebecca Deery

Powering New Digital Experiences with Content Modeling
Topic: Content Strategy, User Experience, Collaboration

Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Marc Rettig   Keynote

Conversational Information Architecture
Topic: Social Change, Civic Design, Community, Collaboration

Ashley Deal and Raelynn O'Leary

Know Thyself: Understanding & Working with Common IA Personality Traits
Topic: Soft Skills, Collaboration, Teamwork

Auldyn Matthews and Lissa Richards

DoGo Mapping: Bridging the Content Strategy Gap
Topic: Content, Modeling, User Flows, Techniques and Methods

Barbora Batokova

Methods for Improving Organizational Website IA
Topic: Case Study, Techniques and Methods

Jonathan Morgan

People, Product, Place: The IA of Relationships Between the Physical & Digital World
Topic: Internet of Things, Cross-Channel Design, Emerging Technology

Smitha Prasadh

Information Architecture Across Cultures
Topic: Intercultural Design

Richmond VA

James Steincam

Intelligent Search
Topic: SEO

Alicia Lane

Content-first Design: Let’s make information feel like a great conversation
Topic: Content Strategy

David Farkas

Improvised IA – How Improv Allows Everyone to Craft Products
Topic: Collaboration, Facilitation

James Kalbach   Keynote

Mapping Experiences – Architecting Alignment
Topic: Strategy


Davide "Folletto" Casali   Keynote

Distributed Companies: A WordPress.com Team Perspective

Jacopo Romei

Negoziare contratti davvero sensati
Topic: Contracts, negotiation

Domenico Polimeno

Omnichannel: il tao dell’esperienza

Mauro Uzzeo

Lo spazio vuoto: il luogo dove l’immagine diventa racconto
Topic: Comics

San Francisco

Jorge Arango   Keynote

Architects Everywhere
Topic: Information Architecture Theory

Skip Allums

Swipe, dip or tap? Designing trustworthy mobile payment experiences

South Africa, JHB

Nicholas Hobson

Condescension in Design
Topic: IA, UX, Mutative Design

Flavia Lacerda   Keynote

Washington DC

Sarah Brooks and Faz Besharatian

Practical Pitfalls Unraveled: Insights for the Growth-Seeking IA (Workshop)

Mick Winters   Keynote

Influencing Invisible Architecture

Scott Stroud

Architects of Collaboration: How NPR Created A Culture of Innovation


Luca Mascaro

Newspapers are dead? Long live the content!
Topic: Media

Oleg Lavrovsky, Konstantin Weiss

Open information/Information Architecture
Topic: Open data

Abby Covert   Keynote

Architects Everywhere
Topic: Information Architecture

Zahida Huber

Designing A Culture Of Responsibility
Topic: Leadership & Management

Ron Hyams

Efficient Information Everywhere
Topic: Information Efficiency is a Metric

Indre Grumbinaite

Between Graphic Design and Information Architecture
Topic: Information Visualization